RS-485 remote I/O modules

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  • Modbus, analog input

    Modbus/RTU - voltage or 4-20 mA inputs

  • Modbus, temperature Inputs

    Modbus/RTU - thermocouples, RTD inputs

  • Modbus, Strain gauge input

    Modbus/RTU - strain gauge inputs

  • Modbus, analog outputs

    Modbus/RTU - voltage or 4-20 mA outputs

  • Modbus, digital input

    Modbus/RTU - isolated 24V digital inputs

  • Modbus, digital outputs

    Modbus/RTU - open collector digital outputs

  • Modbus, , digital I/O

    Modbus/RTU - isolated 24V digital inputs/outputs

  • Modbus, digital input and relay output

    Modbus/RTU - isolated 24V digital inputs - relay outputs form A

  • Modbus, Counter

    Modbus/RTU - 32-bit 100 kHz counter - battery backup counter - PWM output

  • Modbus, analog input/output


  • Tiny module and Cost-effective

    The tM series is a family of network data acquisition and control modules, providing analog and digital I/O functions - For maximum space savings, the tM series is offered in an amazing tiny form-factor

  • Modbus, analog input/output


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