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6TA Services :

  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair

Sales service

The synergy between our Sales and Technical teams, combining perfect knowledge of our products with recognized industrial computer skills means that we are able to work with you to develop the solution best suited to your projects.

Constantly listening to customer companies, always reactive and available, our sales people provide full time project support, bringing you the offer best tailored to your requirements and making sure that you are kept regularly informed of technological evolution.

Technical service

The synergy within our technical teams mean that we can assure you that your projects will be completed perfectly.

Our Technical Department is split into four parts :

  • Mechanical design office

    Equipped with 3D CAD software, the mechanical design office brings your project to fruition.

  • Electronic design office

    This office designs electronic circuit boards, produces feasibility models and prototypes to support our off the shelf range of industrial computer solutions. It also handles follow up for validation to the required standards (EMI, CE, TÜV, etc.).

  • Software design office

    This is where we design and develop measurement and automation applications for PC systems as well as handling remote I/O applications.
    Our developers are cartified LabVIEW™ developper. Their know-how involve in LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW RT environments, in C and automation languages as well.

  • Technical Support

    Our technical support team is especially available and reactive when it comes to handling problems thanks to its in house skills and its direct relationship with ours partners.
    We regularly pass on end of service life information and ensure on-going technological data mining.

Manufacturing service

This department provides precision handling for all of the preparation, integration, manufacturing and test steps affecting your systems.

Our Manufacturing Department is split into three parts :

  • Methodology office

    Where manufacturing files are designed and produced including parts lists, assembly and inspection procedures.

  • Quality office

    Here we are continually devoted to looking for additional ways to improve our services by following an in-house Quality Assurance Plan.

    Using serial numbers on all components ensures full traceability and the ability to determine the history of products delivered, at any time.

    Our systems are all manufactured to general or specific procedures and receive a 24 hour functional burn-in.
    A document listing the component numbers as well as the inspections and tests performed is systematically handed over to the customer with the systems delivered.

  • Production facility

    This is where a rigorous and effective team handles the assembly of our systems.
    It comprises the resources needed to meet large volume production requirements.
    Perfect stock management ensures that we can always meet manufacturing deadlines.

After Sales Service

Thanks to a Hot Line, this department can analyse any failure before having to return equipment to our facilities.

This department is tasked with returning products to service in the shortest possible length of time and handles all aspects of warranty cover compliance.

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