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Ours trades :

  • Provider of products and solutions for industrial computing and data acquisition
  • Industrial PC manufacturer
  • Research and development software
  • Custom products development

Provider of products and solutions for industrial computing and data acquisition

6TA can offer a wide range and diversified by products to propose you technical solutions suitable for your needs in industrial computing.

To meet this commitment, we tied up narrow relations with partners recognized for their technological innovations and the quality of their products.

  • BOX PC
  • Panel PC and IHM
  • Rackmount PC
  • CPU board
  • Extended temperature
  • Monitor and KVM
  • Transportable PC
  • Tablet PC
  • Industrial communication
  • Industrial Ethernet switch
  • Wireless communication and telemetry
  • Data acquisition board
  • RS-485 remote I/O modules
  • Ethernet remote I/O modules
  • CAN remote I/O modules
  • Programmable automation controler

Industrial PC manufacturer

  • Manufacture of standard industrial PC or custom
  • Production process according to manufacturing file
  • Full control of hardware using PC diagnostic software
  • 24h burn-in in operating and at ambient temperature
  • Control and test reports supplied
  • Serialization of all components for a tied tracability
  • On request :
    • - Integration of customer’s spécific boards
    • - Customer ‘s applications installed
    • - Implementation of specific tests
    • - Drafting of installation and test procedures

Research and development software


  • Feasability study
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Conception and development of application program
  • Validation, test and running
  • Technical assistance

Technical skills

  • Certified LabVIEW™ developper
  • LabVIEW™, LabVIEW™ RT, LabVIEW™ FPGA, C, IEC-61131-3
  • Data acquisition boards
  • Remote I/O on field bus
  • Programmable automation controller
  • GPIB, USB and Ethernet instrumentation controls

Application areas

  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Control/Command of instrument
  • Bench equipment for endurance testing
  • Test and control equipment
  • Industrial automation

Download examples of applications done by 6ta

Custom product development

Study, conception and manufacturing of custom products

  • Analysis of the customer’s requirements
  • Feasibility study
  • Prototype
  • Qualification testing (temperature, shock, vibration, waterproofness, etc…)
  • Validation of the required norms (CEM, CE, TÜV, etc …)
  • Industrialization and validation of the file of manufacturing

What we can do :

  • Custom chassis
  • Custom integration in case
  • Integration and wiring in 19’’ cabinet
  • Study and development of electronic boards

Example of realizations

  • IP65 Panel PC for marine application
  • Intelligent HMI
  • Transportable data acquisition system for inspection of sewerage
  • Bench test transmission in 19’’ cabinet
  • Instrumentation equipment in 19’’ cabinet
  • Complete wireless order picking on forklift trucks
  • Custom PXI chassis
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